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Tiger Bullets™ are a multiple PSD (particle size distribution) plugging material used to bridge and seal permeable formations in water-, oil-, or synthetic-based drilling fluid (mud) systems.  They can be used for lost circulation control and as an additive for cementing operations.  Tiger Bullets™ will not affect the  rheological properties of your drilling fluids.  Permeability Plugging Tests in-the-lab and successful applications in-the-field have proven performance at low loading levels (pounds per barrel) over a wide variety of fracture and pore throat sizes.  Tiger Bullets™ also reduce torque and drag and help prevent differential sticking by increasing lubricity.  Tiger Bullets™ do not plug or damage MWD tools or mud motors.

Tiger Bullets™ are made of recycled plastics and recycled cellulosic fibers with other functional additives; all forming a composite blend through a reactive extrusion process, providing improved performance and easy field handling.  They represent a new generation -- a greener solution for the energy industry.

* Used as a pre-treatment for differential sticking or seepage; add a concentration of 4-8 ppb to the entire drilling fluid system *
* Sweeps at a concentration of 10-20 ppb can be pumped for seepage while drilling through specific zones or on a schedule *
* If lost circulation occurs, pump pills that contain 20-35 ppb; adjust volume and/or concentration, as needed *

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